You’ve Been Cookied by Electric…

The world-class IT solution that’s centralized, secure, and lightning-fast. That’s Electric.

Electric NYC

Your Organization + Electric Go Together Like Milk and Cookies…

Day-to-day IT requests

From systems administration requests like password resets and creating email aliases to tech support and troubleshooting, our chat-based support model encourages end-users to request more and research less, ensuring maximum productivity.

Employee onboarding & offboarding

From making sure new hires have all of the hardware they need to ensuring they have the necessary credentials, Electric’s proprietary technology takes onboarding from time-consuming to pain-free. We’ve also made offboardings painless and secure with the ability to schedule in advance and make edits in real-time.

Security and compliance

Whether you’re facing SOC 2 compliance or need to roll out security policies that enforce FileVault organization-wide, Electric helps support and guide organizations toward meeting their businesses’s most important requirements, all with a full audit trail of activity.

Electric Application, Device and Network

Need Support? Just message Electric.

Once live with Electric, we are just a slack a way. Your team can send us their requests through the Electric Slack App. We’ll respond in 10 minutes or less to provide real-time support. We guarantee it.

Can you reset my Office365 password?

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Will you purchase a new keyboard ⌨️ for me?

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I can’t connect to the network 🤯

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Can you create an account for a new hire?

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I can’t connect to the printer 📑

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Electric User

Can you back up my local files to Google Drive?

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Approaching IT from the network, device, and application levels


During onboarding, we’ll create a detailed view of your organization’s IT environment and provide expert insights to move forward successfully.


We’ll implement processes that follow IT best practices and unique requirements, ensuring that your network, applications, and devices are up-to-date and secure.


From providing solutions to day-to-day IT issues to employee onboarding and offboarding, we’ll manage your endpoints and end-users.