IT Support Los Angeles

IT Support in Los Angeles

Need on-site IT support? Fill out the form and our sales team will be in touch. If you want to try our free tool, click the try for free button.

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Electric simplifies IT management

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Security and Compliance

Enforce organization-wide security and meet compliance standards. Remotely lock and unlock devices to keep employee devices secure.

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Network Management

Reduce downtime and optimize performance with proactive network monitoring.

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Procurement and Onboarding

Procure and provision employee devices through our Apple Authorized Reseller hardware store. Instantly grant and revoke user access.

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IT Scorecard Illustration

Remote IT Helpdesk

Resolve IT issues quickly, with our IT ticketing system. Or get IT advice from our AI-powered assistant and support center. Upgrade to full IT support through Techvera and our local MSP partners

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Device and Inventory Management

Track device inventory and health. Centrally manage patches, upgrades, and policies. Upgrade to access premium tools like an MDM solution through JumpCloud.

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On-Site Support

Get access to on-site IT support through our MSP partners or Techvera.

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IT Projects

Lean on the experts to scope, manage, and execute strategic IT projects.

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Software and Cloud Configuration

Get up and running faster with expert software and cloud migrations and configurations.

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Monitoring and IT Insights

Track your devices, networks, people, and applications in a single dashboard.

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Electric has taken off so much of my day-to-day when it comes to dealing with employee requests and tech issues and network problems. I can actually focus on my job, which is to do HR, rather than someone who is locked out of their email because they forgot their password!

Kath F.
Operations Manager | Look Listen

IT support in LA county and beyond


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Common MSP questions

You can use our IT management platform for free if you’d like to use IT support from our support center and AI-powered IT assistant. However, if you need assistance beyond that, Electric’s managed IT services through MSP partners or Techvera are designed to support companies with 10 or more full-time employees.

Yes, Electric can support businesses with overseas employees, provided your company has a US-based headquarters. Certain limitations apply to the level of support we can offer international employees or offices. Please get in touch to discuss your individual needs with a member of our team. 

Managed IT service providers empower you to hand off everyday IT management tasks to a third party. By outsourcing to a managed IT service provider, your business saves time and money, while gaining access to real-time expertise.

The main difference between managed IT services and professional IT services is their scope of work. Managed IT service providers offer long-term, ongoing support for all of your organization’s IT needs, while professional IT services tend to focus on one-off projects.

Managed IT services allow you to outsource your IT department to a third party. A managed IT service provider deals with IT operations such as cybersecurity, data backups, disaster recovery, system administration, IT infrastructure management, cloud storage, and more.