Work on Advancement, Not Maintenance.

When it comes to technology, it's not about keeping up with the times, it's about staying ahead of the curve. That's why Electric offers modern IT support.

Pink and Blue Bolt Assess

During onboarding, we’ll create a detailed view of your organization’s IT environment and provide expert insights to move forward successfully.


Electric will evaluate your current network configurations and make recommendations in order to enhance your network's security and stability.


Our commitment to keeping your business data secure starts on Day One. We'll examine your security architecture and produce recommendations based on cybersecurity best practices.


Whether you have on-site servers, exclusively utilize the cloud, or use a combination of both, Electric will assess your current storage setup to ensure that it is optimized for maximum efficiency.


Electric will take a comprehensive inventory of all of the hardware in your IT environment and follow up with business-grade recommendations that will stand the test of time.


From employee onboarding and offboarding to device management, Electric will take an in-depth look at your current IT environment and work closely with your team to develop standardized processes and documentation organization-wide.

Deploy Icon Deploy

We’ll implement processes that follow IT best practices and unique requirements, ensuring that your network, applications, and devices are up-to-date and secure.


Not only will Electric rollout industry-leading MDM software including Jamf for Mac and Kaseya for PC on endpoints in your environment, we'll also absorb the implementation and licensing costs.

Onboarding & Offboarding Automation

Electric will collaborate with your IT and HR departments to deploy our proprietary employee onboarding and offboarding automation tool, ensuring departmental alignment and maximum productivity.


Electric will procure, provision, and implement business-grade technology across your organization with device customization at the department level.


From multi-factor authentication (MFA) and firewalls to FileVault enablement and enforced screensavers, Electric will rollout configurations that follow cybersecurity best practices organization-wide.


Electric functions as a user in Slack so your entire team has world-class IT support at their fingertips. Once your business has implemented Electric, there is no limit to how many tickets your team can submit.

Electric NYC Case Study
Electric NYC Case Study

Saxon Eldridge

COO - Anchor Worldwide

In 18 months, we’ve been amazed by how efficiently & effectively our IT is being handled, and how much money & time we’re saving.We used Electric at 8 employees, and we’ll use them at 500.

Manage Icon Manage

From providing solutions to day-to-day IT issues to employee onboarding and offboarding, we’ll manage your endpoints and end-users.

Day-to-Day IT Support

For all of your team's day-to-day technical issues, Electric's team of 100+ IT specialists are standing by with a solution. So, even when avocado gets stuck in a charging port (true story) or Google Chrome keeps crashing, your team can continue operating at maximum efficiency.

Systems Administration

Creating email aliases, onboarding and offboarding employees, and adding users to Google Groups — these are the systems administration tasks that come up every single day in the modern office. Electric is here to resolve them all.


Security is always at the forefront of Electric's approach to IT management. Whether it's enabling MFA on your business's most-used SaaS apps or enforcing FileVault enablement, Electric gives your organization the expertise, visibility, and support it needs.

Special Projects

Whether you're moving to a new office, migrating your on-site server to the cloud, implementing Single Sign-On (SSO), or anything in between, Electric's in-house team of project managers will ensure that these projects go off without a hitch.

On-Site Support

From having an IT professional in your office one day a week to emergency support during a network outage, Electric's on-site support is customizable to fit your business-specific needs.


With remote device management, Electric will: monitor device health in your IT environment; standardize, manage, and update security policies; and automate inventory tracking.