Remote IT Support to Empower Your Workforce

Is your team working from home? Electric’s remote IT support can make sure your IT requests are answered in minutes, all via Slack or Teams.

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Have a growing remote workforce? Let Electric’s Remote IT team put the proper technology and cybersecurity measures in place to protect your business. We’ll also be there to provide real-time remote IT support that keeps your employees productive and ensures they have secure access to your business systems, no matter where they’re working.

Real-time Remote IT Support

With a growing remote workforce comes an increased IT workload. Let Electric take day-to-day requests off your plate and keep your business moving. Our team of 100+ support technicians is just a Slack away, empowering your team members to reach out for support – wherever and whenever they need it. And, with a response time of 10 minutes or less, they can stay focused.

Hit Up our Remote IT Support Team for:

  • Day-to-day troubleshooting
  • SysAdmin support
  • Requests for access to files, apps, and hardware

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Remote Device Management through MDM

It’s hard enough to keep track of the status of your organization’s devices when they are all in one place. Electric has partnered with best-in-market MDM software, Jamf (Macs) & Kaseya (PCs), to automate processes that keep your devices healthy, secure, and up-to-date, wherever they are. With it, we can remotely support and monitor your devices.

Remote IT Services through MDM includes:

  • Giving you visibility into your device inventory & health
  • Managing device-level access to your SaaS applications
  • Proactively rolling out patches, upgrades, and policies

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Remotely Recommend, Implement, & Monitor Security Policies

With your team members logging in to your business systems from a variety of networks, Electric’s remote IT services will ensure your data remains secure across your devices, cloud drives, and applications. Standardized policies such as password encryption or firewall permissions help to mitigate this risk. Not sure where to get started or need support in ensuring they remain up-to-date?

Lean on Electric’s Remote IT Team for:

  • 2FA & MFA recommendations & implementation
  • Device-level security recommendations & implementation
  • Network standards recommendations & implementation
  • Deployment of updates for OS and SaaS apps
  • Monitoring of antivirus installed on company devices

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Remote Application & Cloud Management

For collaborating and communicating with remote team members, SaaS applications and cloud drives are crucial. However, without the proper permissions standards and monitoring, your organization’s data is at risk. But, overseeing user management and fulfilling admin requests for them can become a full-time job.

Instead, let Electric’s Remote IT Team:

  • Oversee user management across your suite of SaaS apps
  • Monitor user permissions for Box, Dropbox, & Google Drive
  • Fulfill SysAdmin requests for your SaaS applications
  • Fulfill employee file-sharing policy requests

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