Why Newhouse Chose Electric to Power Their IT

Looking for a forward-thinking IT partner, Newhouse trusts Electric to keep their business running.

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Client Overview

Client Since: 2018

Industry: Advertising

Offices Supported: NY & CA

IT Situation Prior to Electric: IT Contractor

Employees Supported: 18

Devices Supported: 30

IT Challenges

– No in-house IT expertise

– Require high-level security for client data

– Manual process for on/offboarding

Technology Supported

Electric supports Newhouse’s tech stack & devices.

Where they were looking for support

As it was being founded in 2018, Newhouse, a creative, content, and communications agency based in NYC & LA, was looking for a best-in-class IT resource for support. Preparing to work with clients in the entertainment and lifestyle industries, Newhouse required high-level IT security for their client data. Additionally, they were seeking an IT partner to take on the responsibility for all IT processes and free up the leadership team to focus on strategic aspects of the business.

Working with an independent IT contractor, the Newhouse executive team became frustrated with the lack of speed around IT project management, accessibility for support requests, and manual processes for onboarding & device provisioning. In addition to their larger IT projects, such as firewall set up, Newhouse needed a daily IT helpdesk resource that employees could rely on and easily communicate with. Coming to the realization that a 1 person IT resource would not meet the needs of their growing business, Newhouse turned to Electric.

Attracted to Electric’s expertise in IT security best practices, the power of their 100+ person chat-based support team, and visibility provided by its IT service management platform, choosing to partner with Electric was a no brainer. Since signing with Electric, Newhouse has seen a decrease in time employees spent self troubleshooting (average of 75 minutes/week previously) and no longer needs to spend internal time & resources managing on/offboarding + provisioning & procurement.

William Heath


For us, the decision to work with Electric was simple. In our opinion, Electric is the most forward-thinking IT company in the industry.