IT powers your business. Electric powers IT.

IT touches every part of your business. It’s your company’s foundation for growth, employee culture, product development, security…and so much more.

Keeping this context in mind, Electric aims to be the most transparent, adaptable, and high-performing IT solution to exist. More than 700 companies with 40,000 employees rely on our solution to keep their devices, applications, and networks secure and healthy.

What’s the cost of not having an IT solution?


Avg cost of network downtime


Of cyber attacks are due to insider threats


Annual cost per unmanaged device

545 hrs

Annual cost per unmanaged device

So what exactly is IT, you ask?

What even is IT? Well…. it’s much more than resetting passwords.

  • It’s the mobile device management software that keeps your devices secure wherever they are.
  • It’s 24/7 network monitoring ensuring that you mitigate the risk of an outage costing you $5,000+ a minute.
  • It’s setting up an employee’s device and getting it to them on time so they can have the perfect first day.
  • It’s tracking what applications your organization is using and who is responsible for managing them.
Illustration of services Electric offers

Why Electric?

IT needs to be transparent, efficient, cost effective, and fast-moving.
It’s that simple — and we’re committed to building the best solution out there.

The story begins with our founder — an experienced entrepreneur who personally experienced the pain of trying to find the right IT solution for his businesses. The options that he encountered, hiring a managed service provider (MSP) or building out an internal team, was expensive, daunting, time consuming, and difficult to scale with his businesses.

It was these pain points that led to the early vision for Electric. Five years and over $200M in funding from lead investors later, Electric is a team of over 500 with over 150 IT and security experts.





Over 44k

Requests Managed per Month

Our work with Electric sets the standard for how effectively and quickly we can expand with a best-in-class partner.

Jean Chapin
Global Director, Marketing | Malewarebytes

We get it — and we care

When building a business, time is your most valuable resource. The last thing you should have to worry about is an IT solution that can’t keep up.

As the world transitions to remote and hybrid work many organizations are questioning their next best steps. Electric can help you transform IT into your business’s strategic advantage.

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