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Electric Partner: Avanan

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Avanan, a cloud email and collaboration security solution, uses advanced AI to prevent malicious attacks from ever reaching your company’s inbox.

Value For your Business:

  • Secure messaging for encrypted conversations
  • User-friendly interface for easy password management
  • Stop attacks at the source before they reach your company & customer data

Why go with Avanan Managed By Electric?

  • Avanan Differentiator: Avanan’s patented, APl-based inline email security uses True AI, machine learning, end-user input, and trained researchers to catch the evasive attacks that get through other advanced security layers.
  • Time Savings: Electric’s team of experts can handle the rollout & ongoing management of Avanan, saving you time.
  • Threat Detection & Elimination: Electric will notify your team of any threats & manage through the Avanan portal or a remediation plan.


Please contact your CSM or csm-team@electric.ai for pricing details.

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