Done-for-you IT disaster recovery and business continuity

Downtime is a costly problem for fast-moving businesses. Get ahead of it with Electric.

it disaster recovery flow

Prevent data loss and down time

As the saying goes, “IT takes a village” — Electric has assembled an ecosystem of partners and SaaS solutions to build a best-in-class resilience solution.

Enjoy smart, headache-free protection

Get simple, automated, and secure backup of your most critical on-premise and cloud-hosted data. Save time, effort, and financial resources along the way.

IT Disaster Recovery Checklist

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Drive cost savings and powerful results

A range of options, built to fit the unique needs of your business.

  • Free up resources so that managers can focus on core business needs
  • Rapidly recover systems and data in the event of an outage
  • Protection across both Google and Microsoft environments
  • Rely on Electric’s expertise, so you can free up your to-do list

Get back to what matters most in your business, and leave the “chores” to Electric.

IT Business Continuity Platform

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