Onboard and offboard employees with ease

Electric customers reduce hands-on onboarding time from more than 8 hours to less than 7 minutes. What will you do with all that time back?

employee onboarding solution

With Electric’s employee onboarding solution, you get:

  • Device procurement
  • Device provisioning, de-provisioning
  • Application, software, & file access
  • Credential management
  • Device storage
  • Device shipping
Onboarding People Request

The best of both worlds = speed + transparency

Submitting a request is lightning fast — we’ll handle the necessary hardware, application & software access, and credential management next steps. You get full transparency every step of the way.


Streamlined employee onboarding request

Submit your onboarding and offboarding requests in a matter of minutes, directly through a standardized form on the Electric Platform. Once your request is submitted, we do the rest.

Onboarding Form in Employee Platform


Centralized employee tracking & management

Need to know the status of an onboarding or offboarding request? Electric’s employee onboarding solution is your central hub for tracking and managing your IT requests. You’ll have visibility into:

  • Full timeline of requests
  • Request and task status
  • Device and application history for each employee
Employee Onboarding Tab in Platform


Simplified device procurement & provisioning

Let Electric handle the purchase and set up of your new device before shipping it off to your desired location. We’ll even coordinate available discounts through our relationships with providers like Apple and CDW.

Looking to repurpose an existing device? No problem. Store your devices with Electric. Our in-house Hardware Lab will wipe, restore and clean your used devices so they’re ready to go when you need them.

Company Configuration in Platform


Fast and secure employee offboarding

No one wants to find out that a former employee still has access to their devices and sensitive information weeks after termination. As simply as Electric helps you bring on your new employees, Electric gives you the tools you need to ensure that departing employees’ access is promptly revoked and hardware is returned, wiped, restored, and cleaned for reuse.

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Employee Onboarding Solution

In eleven months we almost tripled our employee headcount. At one point we had multiple people starting every week which was a major adjustment from a couple months before. I never would have been able to onboard without the support of Electric and their technology.

Michea McCaffrey
Office Manager | Evolv Technology

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