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Electric is the first chat-based IT support system featuring a world-class help desk that responds to requests in 10 minutes or less.


Using Slack we help with: 


Day-to-Day Troubleshooting

Suffering with a slow computer, an application crashing, or connectivity issues? Electric solves the problems your team needs resolved in a matter of minutes rather than hours.


Systems Administration

Onboarding and offboarding, Google groups, software installations - Electric does it all so you can focus on what matters to your business.


Proactive Support

System maintenance, updates, policy management, and basic security. Sleep better at night knowing you have world-class, proactive management of your environment.



Electric saves customers up to 70%  over traditional MSPs.




The Buzz from Happy Electric Customers

In addition to providing us cost savings on IT for each of our over 100 employees, Electric supports our eight locations and has helped us expand our network as we continue to grow. They also take care of time-consuming IT tasks like laptop and tablet procurement and provisioning, so our team can spend more time handling our day to day responsibilities.


Vishal Vakharia

Director of Talent, Joor

Since we started using Electric 18 months ago, we've seen a marked improvement in how efficiently and effectively our IT is being handled and how much money and time we are saving. If you have in-house IT, Electric makes them better. If you don't, Electric saves you from wasting time and money on an outsourced provider. We used Electric at 8 employees, and we'll use them at 500.


Saxon Eldridge

COO, Anchor Worldwide

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