Electric Partner: ThreatDown

Value For Your Business:

  • Fend off malware and ransomware attacks
  • Detect & remove malware and ransomware from devices
  • Stop attacks at the source before they reach your company & customer data
  • Seamless integration with Electric – you can monitor threats all in one place

Why go with ThreatDown Managed By Electric?

  • Rollout & Day-to-day Management Handled For You: Get the benefits of ThreatDown without needing internal expertise. We’ll handle everything from procurement and setup to deployment and management across Electric supported devices.
  • Accurate and Proactive Protection: With the industry’s lowest false positive rate, ThreatDown detects “zero-day” threats and proactively and accurately finds and blocks threats before devices are infected.
  • Ransomware Rollback: For Windows platforms, ThreatDown includes unique 72-hour ransomware rollback technology that can wind back the clock and rapidly return your firm to a healthy state.
  • Combined Endpoint Isolation: This technology allows ThreatDown to effectively halt malware from spreading and mitigate disruption during attacks.
  • Linkback Technology: Unlike most solutions, ThreatDown uses proprietary technology to detect and remove not only active malware components, but also dynamic and related artifacts, changes, and process alterations.


The cost for this service is comprised of a monthly per-device license fee + a one-time implementation fee.

Please contact your CSM or csm-team@electric.ai for pricing details.

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