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Electric Partner: Keeper

Value For Your Business:

  • Secure messaging for encrypted conversations
  • User-friendly interface for easy password management
  • Stop attacks at the source before they reach your company & customer data

Why go with Keeper Managed By Electric?

  • Rollout & Day-to-day Management Handled For You:  Get the benefits of Keeper without needing internal expertise. We’ll handle everything from procurement and setup to deployment and management across Electric supported devices.
  • Secure Sharing of Credentials and Secrets: Keeper allows your team to enable secure, granular, and controlled sharing of credentials, secrets, and vaults amongst employees and teams.
  • Lowers Risk of Data Breaches: Keeper uses a proprietary, zero-knowledge security architecture that supports on-prem, cloud, and hybrid-cloud environments for client-side encryption key management.
  • Leverage our Expertise:  Without a dedicated IT professional, Keeper can be challenging to set up & maintain. Leverage our team of IT specialists to handle this work.
  • Boosts Employee Productivity:  Each employee gets a private, encrypted vault for storing and managing their passwords, credentials, files, and private 
client data.

Cost: starting at $3.75/user/month* + $675 setup fee

* Discounted license rate through Electric