Electric Partner: Perimeter 81

Value For Your Business:

  • Improve Cybersecurity Posture: Cloud-enabled VPN ensures adequate protection of your company’s key resources, people, and assets.
  • Remote Access: A Remote Access VPN allows your employees to encrypt and secure their online traffic— no matter where they are located.
  • Scalability: With a cloud-enabled VPN, scaling to a growing team is easy and seamless.
  • Always-on VPN: Should your VPN disconnect, your internet connection will be cut until the VPN connection is successful.

Why go with Perimeter 81 Managed By Electric?

  • Rollout & Day-to-Day Management Handled For You: Gives you the benefits of Perimeter 81 without needing internal expertise. We’ll handle everything from procurement and setup to deployment and management across Electric supported devices.
  • Secure Cloud and Network Access: Ensures user-centric and adaptive, policy-based network access to on-premise resources, SaaS applications, and cloud environments.
  • Zero Trust Application Access: Reduces the attack surface with zero trust, fully audited access to web applications, without an agent.
  • Site-to-Site Interconnectivity: Bridges the gap with fully customizable networking, connecting your cloud environments and different network branches.
  • Cross-Platform Endpoint Protection: Enables single sign-on access and two-factor authentication across iOS and Android devices, as well as PC and Mac desktops.


Electric is offering the Premium and Premium Plus Package to customers + implementation costs.

Please contact your CSM or csm-team@electric.ai for pricing details.

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