IT powers hybrid work. We power IT.

As an individual, I am not able to solve the IT needs for 225 employees. Electric scales with us as we grow.

Kirk Fong, Corporate Office & Account Manager, Mercari

We love that Electric supports all our devices, both Macs and PCs, providing us with a level of visibility into their status and health that was not available to us before.

Kim Kreuger, VP, COO, Overstreet Associates

55 person team gains 105% ROI in less than 6 months using Electric

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The Modern IT Solution

Lightning-fast tech support, guaranteed

From response to resolution, our chat-based support puts the 'help' back in helpdesk. We understand that your end users don't just need answers, they need answers on demand. That's why we guarantee that you'll hear back from one of our IT experts within 10 minutes every single time.

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Security that scales, not scares

With a team that manages network, application, and device-level security, breaches are a thing of the past. We provide best-practice recommendations and security management that keeps your data protected.

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IT expertise for every user, every time

Electric is combining state-of-the-art technology with 100+ certified industry specialists to deliver smarter solutions, faster. By pairing industry insights with customer trends, we have built an IT platform that learns from every interaction to deliver personalized, intelligent resolutions.

How We Do IT

Alex Rust from Mercari
Alex Rust from Mercari

Alex Rust

IT Specialist, Mercari

Electric being able to push out antivirus, VPN, and Filevault through Jamf to 250+ of our devices, with less than a 24-hour turnaround, really bailed us out of a tight spot. Having a Jamf instance through Electric really helped us out in this time of crisis.

Electric Elevates IT

Taking the main stage at Electric's annual conference, Tara covered:

Workforce trends: How employee turnover and hybrid work majorly impacted our communities this year.

The future of Electric: The roadmap to simpler IT for small businesses.

Introduction to Employee Management: The faster, more secure way to manage your employees and your data.


See how Electric simplifies IT in this Elevate 2021 keynote with Tara Goldman, SVP of Product.

A Solution For Every Situation

Just as every business looks different, so does its IT needs. Our IT support management and solution fits every situation, from office manager turned de facto IT person to in-house IT teams.

Wondering when 'IT' got added to your job description?

It’s hard to execute your primary responsibilities well if you’re also the go-to person to deal with IT issues. At Electric, some of our most ardent champions are business leaders and employees who've been in your shoes. Electric manages your entire IT environment, from day-to-day issues to cybersecurity, so you can focus on doing your job.

Electric Testimonial

Electric made IT their problem, not mine! 😍

Is outsourced IT the source of all your headaches?

From unpredictable timelines to hidden costs, dealing with the lack of transparency from traditional managed service providers is frustrating at best. That's why every element of Electric's IT model, from flat-rate pricing to chat-based support, is centered around clarity and communication so teams can stay effective, efficient, and productive.

Electric Testimonial Painless IT

Besides being painless, we're saving 50%+ on IT support.

Don't have the bandwidth to test your bandwidth?

Are you getting the support you need to do your job effectively and manage all of your team's IT needs like network management and employee on/offboarding? Electric fills the gaps in your IT infrastructure, allowing you to shift your focus to strategic IT initiatives like contingency planning, employee education, and actually getting the bandwidth you're paying for.

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Electric will make you look like a rockstar.

Electrify your IT

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