Application & Cloud Management

We’ll handle the administrative stuff so you can focus on actually using your software and cloud drives.

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More time using. Less time managing.

More software and cloud drives = more user management & permission requests. Electric will handle these requests on your behalf, so you can stop seeing these tools as a burden and get back to using them to drive your business forward.

Software provisioning & permissions

Access to your business software is critical to a team member’s day-to-day function. But, making sure the right employees have access to the right business systems and that the data within each is not compromised can become a full-time job. Our team of 100+ IT Support Specialists is here to take that work off your plate and manage these requests, including:

  • Installing supported apps on employee devices
  • License and user management through SSO
  • SysAdmin management

Cloud drive organization & policy configuration

Your cloud drive is the knowledge center of your organization. Within, it should be seamless to create and share content. But, when it comes to your permissioning for it, the approach shouldn’t be so lax. Electric’s IT Support Specialists help to ensure your drive is easy to use & that your content remains proprietary by:

  • Monitoring user permission (Box, Dropbox, & Google Drive)
  • Fulfilling employee file-sharing policy requests
  • Preventing files from being shared outside your domain

Visibility & management inside the Electric Platform

Can’t remember which teams have what app access? Not sure which shared folders the Marketing Team has access to? All of your admins will have access to edit, manage, and view this information directly within the Electric Platform, including:

  • Selecting what pieces of software Electric will support
  • Making your org-wide default settings selections
  • Creating custom access profiles per department

Support For Your Business Critical Apps

Electric provides support for 250+ SaaS applications across a wide variety of business functions including communication, storage, content creation, and project management. As our customer’s business needs expand, so does our scope of SaaS application support.

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