Why Legal Action Center Chose Electric to Power Their IT

LAC has found a trusted IT partner in Sinu, an Electric company

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Why Legal Action Center Chose Electric to Power Their IT

LAC has found a trusted IT partner in Sinu, an Electric company

Client Overview

Client Since: 2005

Industry: Nonprofit

Offices Supported: NY

IT Situation Prior to Electric: No IT resource before Sinu

Employees Supported: 39

Devices Supported: 45

Since its inception in 1973,The Legal Action Center (LAC) has been using legal and policy strategies to fight discrimination, build health equity, and restore opportunity for people with criminal records, substance use disorders, and HIV or AIDS.

By 2005, their aging in-house CRM, email system, and domain and authentication network were in desperate need of an update. Given the nature of their work, keeping the sensitive data of their clients secure was paramount. Paul Samuels, LAC’s Executive Director, knew that their current setup was no longer sufficient for their needs, so he turned to Sinu, an Electric company, for help.

Where they were looking for support

Since working with Sinu, LAC was able to modernize their most important systems, including functions like communications, data backup and security. By migrating their mission critical applications to the cloud, LAC was able to reduce their network infrastructure by 50%, all while making their productivity tools more highly available and minimizing their risk. After upgrades, LAC users were no longer encumbered by slow and unreliable remote connections to their office infrastructure, and now accessed critical data quickly and securely. Making this switch to cloud-technology deployments delivered over 4 times the ROI of on-premise deployments, according to industry estimates. Sinu also set up firewalls, switches and wireless access points to bolster LAC’s security.

Nowadays, not only can LAC run a more efficient and secure operation, they’ve been able to reduce spend on hardware and software. Sinu’s long track record of partnering closely with nonprofits such as LAC is only one of the reasons Electric is proud to have them as part of the team.

Technology Supported

Electric supports LAC’s tech stack and devices.


Brent Yoshikami

Manager of Grants and Information Systems

Legal Action Center

Even without an internal technical IT knowledge, it’s been incredibly easy to work with the Electric team. They’ve really simplified IT management for us in a way that is easy for non-tech savvy users to understand & know what is happening in our IT environment. Their technology & level of IT expertise have been invaluable to us.

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