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Choosing the right IT support is not easy. Don’t just take our word for it, see what others are saying! If you’re searching for details on Electric features, reviews, and competitors—start with trusted third-party websites. The reviews below were sourced from G2, one of the world’s largest marketplaces for businesses to discover, select, and manage technology.

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G2 Review: Kailey-Jean C,

Small Business (50 or fewer empl.)


“I swear I could hug these guys.”


“Being in Operations at a tech company, while not being particularly tech-savvy myself, has its ups and downs. Before partnering with Electric, every time I got pinged with an IT issue, a wave of frustration and exasperation would come over me. The next steps [often] involved a lot of googling, playing middle man, and most importantly, TIME.”

G2 Review: Devon S,

Mid-Market (200-1,000 empl.)


“Easy to use, effective, and perfect for our new working landscape!”


“Electric’s platform is easy to navigate and accomplish what’s needed. I.e., off-boarding, IT health check, etc. Their integration with Slack makes it super easy for our team members to troubleshoot their issues […]. They work with a number of our applications which makes me feel more secure that the users who have access are the right ones. They are fitting our needs well given we are in a remote environment.”


G2 Review: Karen L,

Small Business (50 or fewer empl.)


“Electric has become an invaluable resource for my company.”


“The ease of accessibility, their quick response time, and the customer service. And Quality Assurance Analyst Dyran White has been an absolute godsend for us! […] We use Electric for onboarding and offboarding our employees, software issues, forensic data analysis, etc. They can do it all!”


Jack Makhlouf

Founder - ELM Learning

We were looking for a turn-key tech support solution for our growing team that integrated with the flow of work. Electric proved to be seamless and easy to use via Slack and the team is very happy with their response time and level of support.

Saxon Eldridge

COO - Anchor Worldwide

In the last 18 months, we've seen a marked improvement in how efficiently & effectively our IT is being handled, and how much money & time we're saving. If you have in-house IT, Electric makes them better. If you don't, Electric saves you from wasting resources on an outsourced provider. We used Electric at 8 employees, and we'll use them at 500.

Kim Krueger

VP, COO - Overstreet Associates

We transitioned to partnering with Electric because they were able to provide us with a level of insight into our company devices that we didn't have before. As well, we are both a Mac & PC shop and we love that Electric is able to support all of our device types.

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