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Leverage our expertise and technology to take day-to-day IT off your plate, letting your team get back to what is really important.

More Time Supporting Your Cause. Less on IT Management.

When it comes to running your organization & supporting your cause, the last thing you or your team should have to worry about is IT management. However, we know that it can be difficult to find an IT solution that is cost-effective, scalable, & can act as a true partner for your team. Let Electric be that solution for you. Not only will you get a fully loaded IT team, at a fraction of the cost, but you’ll have access to the expertise of our 100+ IT Technicians & our IT Service Management Platform. Consider Electric an extension of your team that lets you get back to the work that your organization was built for.

A Few of Our Nonprofit Partners

Pass off day-to-day IT responsibility

We know that providing day-to-day IT support, can be a massive time suck, either for your IT team or the individual/team who has to manage IT by “default”. And, a timely response to team members requests or issues, from troubleshooting needs to file access, can make a huge difference in their productivity. We want to give your team their time back and provide your employees with a high-quality support experience, directly where they work every day, integrating seamlessly into your Slack workspace or Microsoft Teams tenant. Backed by a team of 100+ IT Technicians, with an initial response time of 10 minutes or less, our real-time support empowers your team members to reach out whenever they need it.

Your team can chat @Electric for:

  • Day-to-day troubleshooting
  • SysAdmin requests
  • Requests for access to files, apps, and hardware

Learn more about our real-time support capabilities >

Establish and/or streamline IT processes

From manual on/offboarding spreadsheets to rouge password management, you may be “getting by”, but could use support and guidance when it comes to IT process standardization. Then there are things like security, compliance, and device/server/network management that your internal team just dosen’t have time to think about and/or the technical knowledge in-house to address. Don’t wait for a cyber attack or sudden growth to seek out help.

  • On/offboarding request management
  • Device procurement and provisioning/ de-provisioing
  • Network and server selection, installation, & optimization
  • MDM setup and installation across your devices
  • Application provisioning and credential management
  • Cloud organization & policy configuration
  • Selection and implementation or 2FA or MFA, device-level security, & network standards

Learn more about our IT management capabilities >

Leverage our expertise

Let Electric be an extension of your team. Between our Service Desk, Professional Services, and Customer Success teams, you’ll have access to 100+ IT management experts. So, whether you have an in-house IT team or not, our wide range of expertise can help fill the gaps where you need help and will scale with your organization & its reach. In addition to providing support and management services, we’ll also be happy to provide guidance or make recommendations when it comes to approaching IT policies or purchases that meet your industry’s unique needs. This includes the tools unique to nonprofit work including – Raisers Edge, FundEZ, Blackbaud, & Donor Perfect.

Transparent Costs. More Value.

When it comes to partnering with all of our clients, not just non-profits, our top priority is transparency. Unlike traditional IT managed service providers, our services come priced as one flat rate subscription with all aspects of our IT services baked in. No hidden costs. No nickel & diming.

Have a strategic project or need to add locations/users to your service? No problem. We’ll provide clear guidelines on the addition to your subscription or the project’s hourly rate.

Electric Cares Partnerships

As a leader in the technology space, we recognize the power we have to directly impact positive change in our communities and across the country. In that spirit, Electric dedicates its time and resources to the mission of improving lives through technology & paving the way for those who desire to have a career in technology.

These are the partnerships we’ve chosen to help us realize these goals.

Changing Lives Through Tech

Last Mile is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to prepare incarcerated individuals for successful reentry through business and technology training. 50 members of the Electric team participate in monthly subcommittee work to provide Last Mile & its students with everything from interview training to coding challenge support.

Fostering e-learning

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Electric, in partnership with 9 other NY Tech Companies, founded NY Tech Cares – a coalition dedicated to fighting racial inequality and overcoming the digital disparity. With its partners, Electric crowd-sources funds, resources, and donations to help low-income students living in NYC access e-learning opportunities.

Hiring the next generation

Electric has partnered with Handshake and GGV Capital to provide technology-based internship opportunities for students in underrepresented communities. Our first class of interns from this program will begin work at Electric in the Summer of 2021 and we could not be more thrilled to have them joining the team!

Brent Yoshikami

Manager of Grants and Information Systems

Even without an internal technical IT knowledge, it’s been incredibly easy to work with the Electric team. They’ve really simplified IT management for us in a way that is easy for non-tech savvy users to understand & know what is happening in our IT environment. Their technology & level of IT expertise have been invaluable to us.

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