Electric Insider Council

Electric’s Customer Advisory Board, formally known as the Electric Insider Council (EIC), comprises a diverse group of valued customers chosen by Electric to advise management on industry trends, business priorities, and strategic direction.

Electric Customers on the Council

In April 2020, Electric cordially invited customers from Healthcare, Retail, Computer Software, Entertainment, and other industries to join the council. In May 2020, we officially launched the Electric Insider Council and welcomed our first members.

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Council Meetings

With meetings planned in New York, Boston, and California, council members will gather once a quarter to help shape the future direction of Electric’s Product and Services.

*For the safety of our council members and Electric employees, meetings will be held virtually until further notice.

A Note to Our Members

We are grateful for the council’s input, time, and valued contributions. The insight you bring heavily influences the decisions we make as an organization. We’re honored to build with you.

Apply to Become an EIC Member

Electric Insiders have a unique opportunity to network with peers facing similar IT challenges, exclusive access to Electric leadership, direct influence on the development of Electric Product and Services, and other perks.

Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information on how to apply to become an EIC member.

Interested in other customer initiatives?

We offer a variety of ways in which valued customers like you can further engage with us.

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