Employee Onboarding & Offboarding Solution

Electric’s Employee Onboarding and Offboarding Solution can handle the time-consuming IT requests that stop you from getting valuable work done.

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Submit Your Employee Onboarding Request & Electric's On It

Have an upcoming onboarding or offboarding? Submit your request and we'll handle the necessary hardware, access, and credential management tasks.

Streamlined Employee Onboarding Request Submission

Submit your onboarding and offboarding requests in a matter of minutes, directly through the Electric Platform. Our forms are standardized to ensure consistency across your requests, but the settings selections are unique to your business's needs. Once your request is submitted, we will handle the rest.

Electric's Employee Onboarding Solution includes:

  • Device provisioning/de-provisioning & procurement
  • Application, software, & file access
  • Credential management
Onboarding Request in Electric App

Centralized Employee Tracking & Management

Need to know the status of an onboarding or offboarding request? Track and manage your request in the Electric's Employee Onboarding Solution - your central hub for managing all aspects of your Electric service. In the on/offboarding solution, you'll have visibility into:

  • History of all of your requests
  • The preferences selected for each request
  • The status of each step of a request
  • What device & applications each employee has
Onboarding In Product

Device Procurement & Provisioning

Looking to repurpose an existing device? Our team of in-house hardware specialists handles computer reimaging directly, in our HQ, based on your pre-established provisioning profile(s). For those looking to acquire new devices, we'll leverage our relationships with Apple & CDW to get your devices at discounted rates. You tell us which device and we'll handle the purchase and set up of the device before shipping it to your desired location.

Device Provisioning from Electric
William Heath
William Heath

William Heath

COO - Newhouse

The best thing about working with Electric is the ease at which we can add new employees. Electric can handle absolutely everything including getting our employees set up with all of the applications and permissions they need. It makes bringing new employees into our company a seamless process.