IT powers your business. Let Electric power your IT.

Our goal? To make your IT simple, secure, and lightning-fast. Check out our video below to see how we do IT.

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How We Do IT

Our Approach

Electric supports your business at the network, application, and device levels. Unlike traditional solutions, Electric's support model features IT capabilities that are proactive, comprehensive, and customized to your needs.

1. Assess

During onboarding, we'll create a detailed view of your organization's IT environment and make recommendations to move forward successfully.

2. Deploy

We'll work to implement and standardize processes that follow IT best practices, ensuring that your network, applications, and devices are up-to-date and secure.

3. Manage

From day-to-day technical issues and employee on and offboardings to office moves and network management, we'll manage your entire IT infrastructure.

Our IT Capabilities

William Heath

COO, Newhouse

For us, the decision to work with Electric was simple. In our opinion, Electric is the most forward-thinking IT company in the industry. They were able to meet our day-to-day support needs and provide us visibility in our IT environment in ways that our previous provider just could not.