Simplified cloud license management

Electric streamlines your billing, procurement, migration, and support overhead.

cloud licensing

Keep those cloud licenses in check

As your business scales, so do the administrative complexities of cloud license management. One smart move is to off-load this task to a team that can make your life easier.

There’s a better way

Purchase your Google and Microsoft account licenses with Electric to declutter your IT billing admin queue.

Can you purchase new google licenses requests

When it comes to managing your cloud software licenses, Electric has IT covered

  • License Options
    Select the right Google & Microsoft licenses for your organization.
  • Pricing Plans
    All plans are scalable, flexible, and billed monthly for ease.
  • No-Cost Support
    We support licenses at no extra cost.
  • Co-Termed Contracts
    Everything has a simple renewal date with your Electric MSA.
  • Simple Terms
    Contracts auto-renew monthly for your convenience.
Cloud License Management Platform

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