Procurement and provisioning bottlenecks, eliminated

New or used. PC or Mac. In-office or remote. Electric takes device provisioning and procurement chores off your plate.

device provisioning and procurement

From navigating shipping delays to project managing repairs, we’ve got your device needs covered.

Device procurement

Need a new device? Simply submit your request (or have your team members submit theirs!) to Electric.

  • Electric handles everything from order placement through delivery to your preferred location
  • You get access to pre-negotiated rates on a wide variety of devices and accessories
  • Need a device recommendation? Handled. You’ll get a range of options that meet your brand preferences, budget, and functionality requirements
Device Procurement in Platform

Device provisioning

Looking to repurpose an existing device? Want to purchase the device yourself, but have Electric handle the setup? No problem.

  • Store your devices securely with us when not in use, or keep them in your office
  • Electric handles device imaging & re-imaging onsite or remotely via best-in-class mobile device management software
  • Customize your department-level provisioning profile to ensure that each device is set up with the operating system, software, and credentials required for individual team members
  • Have a majority Mac environment? We’ll even handle the deployment of your Apple Device Enrollment Program
Device Provisioning Platform

Stop shopping for devices and get back to building your business.

Quick and easy request process

Have a new employee starting or one leaving the team?

Submit an onboarding or offboarding request right inside the Electric platform. From there, Electric will handle device procurement, provisioning, and shipping, along with all the application and software-related tasks

Onboarding Form in Platform

Need replacement devices or accessories?

Simply message Electric or have your team members message us. Don’t worry, we’ll get your approval before placing their orders!

Device Procurement in Platform

Stop shopping for devices and get back to building your business