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Scaling companies rely on Electric to fortify their people and devices.

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The power of Electric identity management

Electric empowers teams with speed and agility, built on the foundation of industry-leading security and identity management solutions.

Best-in-class made better

In our new hybrid work era, cybersecurity risks are at an all-time high. Electric gives you the speed and protection you need to get ahead of them.

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Why Electric for identity management?

“Good” is no longer good enough when it comes to outsmarting risk. It’s time to operate more strategically.

  • 81% of hacking-related breaches leveraged either stolen or weak passwords
  • The average cost of a data breach is $4.24M
  • The right precautions, including multi-factor authentication, can block up to 99.9% of attacks
Identity Management Solution

With Electric, you get powerful tools to protect your organization

  • Gain additional security layers
  • Improve systems visibility and control
  • Stay on top of user account provisioning
  • Decrease usability frustrations
  • Reduce password sprawl
  • Simplify single-sign-on best practices
Identity Management in Platform

Protect your organization

Strategic services + helpdesk at-scale

  • Set-up, deploy, manage, and maintain your identity management program
  • Configure and maintain your Identity Management profile, including password policy, account recovery, settings, two-factor authentication, and more
  • Orchestrate change management and end-user communications
  • Simplify and speed up employee onboarding and offboarding, or provisioning and de-provisioning, processes
  • Troubleshoot issues as they arise, to ensure that operations never stall
Security at the Device

Uplevel your identity management