Security That’s Integrated,

Not Layered on Top.

Protect your distributed workforce with unified IT security at the device, application, and network levels.

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Security at the Forefront

We truly believe your data should remain yours. That is why we pride ourselves in keeping it safe from the public, dark web, and even ourselves.

Device Security

Electric works with you to push security policies and configurations that adhere to industry best practices across your entire company.

Application Security

Standardize your SaaS security policies such as MFA, file-sharing privileges, and Single Sign-On with Electric. This includes more than 250 (and counting) of the most common applications.

Network Security

Along with ensuring that your WiFi works, we partner with industry leaders like Cisco Meraki and Ubiquiti to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your network.

Getting Started with Compliance

Electric enables organizations to develop, document, and maintain compliance with common regulatory frameworks. The Electric platform works with your business to develop and standardize documentation processes to eliminate the headaches associated with compliance reporting.

Helping you achieve compliance that exceeds your needs.

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