Budgeting for IT at SMBs feat. Electric’s CFO Vic Russo

Ask the CFO (of an IT SMB)

“Running my previous company, I wrongly assumed that IT was an outdated and unnecessary concept for a modern company. We use Apple computers! We’re all tech-savvy! Nothing breaks! The cloud!” – Ryan Denehy, Electric’s CEO

Despite having the tech-savviest workforce in history, IT support is still an undeniable necessity at organizations of all sizes. However, it is often the SMBs who struggle to effectively budget for IT, making them even more vulnerable to cyber attacks. Keeping that in mind, in this webinar, Electric is joined by its very own CFO, Vic Russo, to give tactical advice on building IT into your company’s budget, scaling IT as you grow, and beyond.

In this session we cover:

  • When SMBs should start budgeting for IT
  • Top things (and hires) to consider when building out your IT budget
  • General guidelines around building an IT budget
  • YOUR Questions!