Keep ‘IT’ in the Budget: The SMB Guide to Tech Spend in 2021 feat. Betterment, MPOWER Financing, Fyllo, Zylo, and Electric

If we learned anything from 2020, it’s that budgeting for IT means so much more than just “keeping the lights on” (if anything, it probably means keeping them off — in your office, that is). Yet, even in 2021, plenty of organizations still struggle to make room in their budgets for IT spend, particularly SMBs, making them that much more vulnerable to cyber threats. That’s why, in this webinar, you’ll receive actionable insights into how to effectively put company resources behind your current IT programs, and how to scale your IT budget as you grow.

In this session brought to you by the CFO Leadership Council and Electric, we covered:

  • What IT categories you should prioritize allocating budget toward
  • What business cases call for outsourcing IT support
  • Why budgeting for IT cuts business costs in the long-run
  • And more!