Risky Business: The CFO’s Role in Managing IT Risk feat. Chubbies, Clari, InMarket Media, Perimeter81, Electric & The CFO Leadership Council

According to a 2018 survey by Deloitte, more than half of CFOs (55%) reported that they are responsible for risk management at their organization. The CFOs surveyed also indicated that risk-related responsibilities are among the most likely to be added to their responsibility scope over the next three years, behind IT, strategy, and planning. So, nearly three years later from the survey’s release date, is this the case? Has risk management, particularly the management and mitigation of IT and cybersecurity-related risk, become an even more common part of the CFO’s role?

In this webinar hosted by Electric and The CFO Leadership Council, CFOs — and one CSO — came together to answer this question, and to discuss:

  • Cybersecurity measures for remote & hybrid teams to effectively safeguard sensitive financial data
  • How to manage vendor risks when your organization outsources its IT functions
  • How CFOs can collaborate with internal IT and security teams to mitigate IT risks, create and implement incident response plans, and more