Going Hybrid: How IT & Workplace Teams Can Promote Inclusivity feat. Alley, Benchling, Blacks in Cybersecurity, Eden Workplace, and Electric

Inclusivity in the workplace has never been more important, as progressive organizations continue to invest in Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI) efforts for their teams. However, the world is changing in more ways than one, as the rise of the hybrid office and increased remote work add an additional dimension that People, IT and Workplace teams need to consider.

That’s why, in this webinar brought to you by Electric & Eden Workplace, IT & Workplace leaders are coming together to discuss the hybrid workplace model and how their respective departments can best include all employee types. These industry experts will address:

  • Why collaboration between IT & Workplace teams is critical to fostering employee engagement and inclusion
  • What critical DEI issues organizations should take into consideration when crafting hybrid work policies
  • What security measures your organization can implement to secure your hybrid office
  • What technology and resources IT & Workplace departments can leverage to enable a hybrid work environment
  • Answers to your questions!