The Top Cyber Threats in 2021: Security Awareness Training, feat. Curricula

According to Electric’s 2021 Cybersecurity Report71% of IT Professionals say someone at their company has succumbed to a social engineering attack since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. And while these types of attacks — and other, larger-scale ones — have become much more familiar in name to even the least tech-savvy workers, these cyber threats are constantly evolving in scope & nature, leaving organizations increasingly vulnerable as their employees struggle to keep up with the changing cyber threat landscape.

That’s why, on this stop of the IT Pro Tour Virtual Event series, cybersecurity leaders from Electric & Curricula will cover:

  • The top cyber threats in 2021, including “clever” ransomware, stolen hardware, phishing, and other social engineering attacks
  • How employees can identify these threats, and leverage solutions like MDM & encryption to bolster their security postures
  • What measures organizations can take to improve their security awareness training programs
  • Answers to your questions!