Navigating Work From Anywhere in 2022: Creating A New Office Reality, feat. Jamf & Eden Workplace

A survey by Owl Labs found that 92% of people expect to work from home at least 1 day per week and 80% expect to work from home at least 3 days per week.

Enter ‘Work From Anywhere’: whether at home, in the office, or on a beach, this new work model is about the freedom to choose where to work. This poses new challenges and opportunities for companies, but Electric, Jamf & Eden Workplace are helping make this new way of doing work a reality.

Tune in to Stop 18 on Electric’s IT Pro Tour Virtual Event Series to glean loads of actionable insights from leaders at Jamf, Electric & Eden Workplace, like:

  • How best-in-class IT support enables your employees to accomplish mission-critical work, no matter where they are
  • How to determine what hybrid work model variation works best for your organization
  • How Jamf’s software can support remote work for growing SMBs
  • How Eden Workplace provides the complete suite of workplace software for hybrid companies
  • Answers to your questions!