The Leadership Series | 2022 Outlook: What Enterprise-level IT Support Looks Like for SMBs

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Just 30% of SMBs plan to increase the size of their IT department in 2022, compared to 61% of enterprises. With this in mind, you need a strategy that provides grade-A IT support, even if you’re working with a smaller budget and fewer employees on the docket.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • Who should manage IT within the organization?(3:03 – 5:52)
  • How much should SMB’s be spending on IT support? (5:55 – 11:30)
  • Opting for external IT vendors vs. keeping IT in-house (12:30 – 17:01)
  • How your technology infrastructure should stack up against an enterprise corporation (19:30 – 26:32)
  • The trends that every SMB IT leader should know for 2022 (27:17 – 30:56)
  • The best SMB IT tools (31:00 – 39:30)