Why Vevo Chose Electric to Power Their IT

Vevo's In-house IT Team Finds Empowerment in Implementing Electric.

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Client Overview

Client Since: 2019

Industry: Entertainment

Offices Supported: NY, SF, LA, Chicago

IT Situation Prior to Electric: In-house IT Team + MSP

Employees Supported: 240

Devices Supported: 250

IT Challenges

– Maintain a lean internal IT Team that can stay focused on strategic initiatives

– Had 3rd party provider that wasn’t meeting needs

Technology Supported

Electric supports Vevo’s tech stack and devices.

Where they were looking for support

Vevo, the all-premium music video platform, prefers to keep a lean IT organization that is focused on driving the business forward through strategic business initiatives and less on the day-to-day IT needs of their employees. For their IT support and management, they need a partner they could trust to manage things like troubleshooting, sysadmin, hardware repair, and provisioning, as well as the management of their security policies.

When their previous MSP had a number of issues, Vevo’s VP of IT Strategy & Operations, Stephen Bruno, had to become much more involved to find a new solution. In Stephen’s words, “It felt as though I was being used as level two and three support.” Frustrated and distracted from their core initiatives, Stephen and his team sought out a new partner. To Stephen, Electric felt like a natural fit as it is “unlike other IT companies who are just stuck in their ways and don’t evolve.” Not only does Electric come with the knowledge and bandwidth of a team of 100+ technicians to meet his team’s needs, but its service was tailored to Vevo’s needs.

The Electric team worked with Vevo to create custom IT management SOPs and escalation paths unique to their in-house needs, including the creation and management of a “spare library” for hardware, in office. With Electric implemented directly in Vevo’s Slack workspace, they have been able to pass off ownership for IT issues and requests, as well leverage Electric’s knowledge around managing devices, applications, and their network. These initiatives would have otherwise required the hire of three additional team members, at a considerable cost. Implementing Electric has allowed Stephen to take a step back from IT and to focus on strategic initiatives such as expansion of the business to new locations and the establishment of their Security Council, a brand new initiative for the business.

Stephen Bruno

VP of IT & Operations

The size of our business works perfectly for this model. I'm able to maintain a lean IT team in-house, while leveraging the knowledge and bandwidth of Electric's 100+ technicians. That's invaluable to me.