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Managing IT is complex, with Electric it’s easy

We empower SMBs by giving them the tools to manage IT, regardless of technical expertise. Our easy-to-use software allows you to handle your company’s IT all in one platform.

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Electric Powers IT for Businesses.

Today, Electric successfully powers IT for nearly 1,000 SMBs through our existing products & services.


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Automate On & Offboarding

Add or remove application access in minutes and manage zero-touch device procurement & provisioning with the click of a button.

Manage Employee Access to Tech and Apps

Connect Electric to your HRIS system and seamlessly integrate all employee data throughout the entire lifecycle to optimize productivity while ensuring secure access to necessary hardware and software.

Manage Employee Access to IT

Deploy Cyber Security Policies and Apps

When you are ready to roll out a new security policy or application you’ll be able to do so directly from the platform. Not sure where to start? You’ll have recommendations to guide you.

Your IT Plan

AI-Powered IT Assistant

Get access to our AI-powered IT assistant, Gigawatt. If you have any IT-related questions, Gigawatt can help you troubleshoot by checking your device details and providing the appropriate support resources.

Commonly Asked Questions About IT Management Tools

You can get started with Electric for free. Simply complete the form above to sign up today!

Small businesses benefit from easy-to-use IT management tools that handle all your needs in a single platform. If you have a small team or lean in-house resources, Electric’s IT management platform gives you the tools to manage IT, regardless of technical expertise. Electric also offers significant cost savings for small businesses – we offer free Mobile Device Management software, which you can use to automatically secure employee devices, wherever they’re being used. 

Start using the Electric IT management platform for free today to see if it’s the right solution for your small business.

Must-have features for an IT management platform include a centralized performance dashboard, proactive monitoring and alerts, visibility of your device health and inventory, remote access and control over your IT infrastructure, automated on and offboarding, and AI-powered IT assistance to quickly resolve basic issues.

The benefits of an IT management tool include better visibility of your IT infrastructure, enhanced operational efficiency, strengthened cybersecurity, reduced downtime, simplified compliance, and greater control over your devices, networks, and applications. As a result, most businesses also enjoy cost savings and improved productivity when using an IT management tool.

An IT management tool is a critical component in keeping your data safe and devices compliant. By remotely monitoring your network, proactively rolling out patches and upgrades, and consistently enforcing security policies across your organization, an IT management tool protects your most valuable assets from cybersecurity threats. With single-point visibility into your device inventory, Electric also helps you achieve and maintain compliance.

IT management software allows you to centrally manage all of your business’s devices, applications, networks, users, and more in a single platform.

IT managed services vary from provider to provider. With Electric, you have access to IT support, cybersecurity, mobile device management, employee onboarding, network testing and monitoring, and much more.

When choosing the best IT management software for your needs, make sure to compare must-have features like proactive monitoring and alerts, visibility of your device health and inventory, remote access and control over your IT infrastructure, automated on and offboarding, AI-powered IT assistance, and a centralized performance dashboard. 

In addition, consider the platform’s ease of use and ease of integration with your existing infrastructure. Transparent pricing and responsive support are also key.

With Electric, you can automate employee onboarding and offboarding, including the collection, management, and security of employee data. We partner with leading HR solution providers like BambooHR, JustWorks, Zenefits, and Paylocity to seamlessly integrate with your employee data while giving you full control over user access to the necessary hardware and software.

Traditional IT systems are often managed by a dedicated IT manager or team. However, with Electric, you have the ability to manage IT systems without in-house IT expertise. Business leaders, HR teams, Operations professionals, and more use Electric to manage IT systems and streamline their workload.