Achieve and maintain compliance

From SOC II to HIPAA, we make it easy to meet business-critical compliance standards across common regulatory frameworks. With Electric, you can:

  • Develop and standardize documentation processes
  • Simplify protocols for compliance reporting
  • Avoid the potential for missteps or errors
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Get into compliance shape

Achieving and maintaining compliance requires a lot of process and structure work. Electric isn’t just some consulting firm giving you a compliance to-do list. It’s a powerful combination of tech and services that make your compliance foundation solid.

Access Management

Stolen credentials are the primary vectors for security breaches. Lean on Electric to enforce password requirements such as complex passwords, password rotation and multi-factor authentication (MFA) to keep your in-scope systems secure and compliant.

App Security Highlights

Inventory Management

Get visibility into your enrolled and stored devices, and view important specs such as OS and model, all within the Electric Platform, Turbine.

Device Management Page in Electric

Workstation Management

Rest easy knowing that enrolled devices are all protected with industry recommended hardening controls, such as disk encryption, installation protection, and automated patching. Then, get device level insight on compliance from within the Electric platform. We’ll handle rollout and management of best in class tools for areas like endpoint protection and cloud-VPN.

Device Details for IT Compliance

Network and Server Management

From on-site assessments and recommendations to proactive monitoring and support, Electric is here to help you stay on top of network issues and reduce downtime.

Network Security Overview

Business Continuity

Did you know that small businesses are the targets of 71% of ransomware attacks? We can work with you to implement and manage workstation and server backups so that your business is covered in the event of a ransomware attack.

IT Security Breach Alert

See why growing companies rely on Electric to meet compliance standards