5 Ways You Can Level-Up Your Office UX


5 Ways You Can Level-Up Your Office UX

Watch Time: 32 minutes October 16, 2019

Enhancing The Employee Experience

As an operations professional, it’s easy to point out inefficiencies that we face during our day-to-day, what’s not so easy is finding the time to discover solutions to these problems, especially solutions that can be carried out with the resources you have.

Join Eden, OrgOrg and Electric as we discuss different tools and tactics you can implement that will not only improve the employee experience in your organization, but help you take your back time to focus on your professional development and more strategic projects.

In this session we cover

  • SaaS apps that will enhance your Office UX tech stack
  • How to further open up lines of communication in the office
  • The difference a choice in technology makes
  • Why automating routine tasks makes everyone happy
  • The keys to keeping your team secure

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