Aligning HR & IT Forces at a High-Growth Startup


Aligning HR & IT Forces at a High-Growth Startup

Watch Time: 31 minutes October 16, 2019

How To Align with IT as an HR Professional:

From the day a new hire accepts their offer all the way to their final day at an organization, the strength of the alignment between HR and IT departments will dictate that employee’s productivity starting on day one.

Join Electric’s first ever employee, Julian Hutchinson, and first HR hire, Janet Hefferan, as they discuss their experiences with HR and IT alignment going from 50 employees to 170 in less than a year — and the different techniques and strategies you can start implementing to enhance alignment of these two business-critical departments within your organization.

In this session we cover:

  • Scaling employee on/offboarding at a high-growth startup
  • Standardizing HR & IT alignment
  • Best-in-class tools that aid in alignment

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