Welcome to Electric.

Your company has partnered with Electric to provide you with lighting-fast and modern-day IT support. Our team of 100+ IT specialists is available on-demand to provide real-time support for day-to-day IT hurdles via the Electric App.

What are “day-to-day” IT issues?

We’re here to assist you with all things IT, so the list of the things we can help with is pretty long⁠—below are a few common issues you can hit us up for. When in doubt, just message us via the Electric App.

And because things move fast in today’s world, we guarantee an initial response within 10 minutes plus industry-leading resolution times.

"I’m locked out of my email account, can you reset my password?"

"I can’t seem to access Adobe. Do I have an active account?"

"My computer is running so slowly. What’s going on?"

Electric Testimonial Rockstar

"I received an email from a suspicious account. Is my data compromised?"

Electric Testimonial Painless IT

"It’s time I get a new keyboard, can you order one for me?"

"All my files disappeared! What do I do?!"

How do we work together?

Depending on your company’s chat platform, Electric is available via Slack or Microsoft Teams (Teams). New to Slack or Teams? See the instructions for getting started with Slack here or Teams here.

Contacting Electric

You can message the Electric App anytime Monday-Friday between 9am-9pm (EST) and we’ll be here to assist you.

One of the things that makes Electric different is our ability to support you via chat, so we use the Electric App as our primary method of communication.

Levels of support

100+ IT specialists means Electric employees specialize in a variety of areas. We have Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 agents with varying knowledge ready to be assigned to the IT task they know best.

You’ll always be greeted by a Level 1 agent who diagnoses your IT ticket, and when necessary, will connect you to a specialized technician. (See Triage Process below.)

Electric is not a Bot

Bots are cool, but interacting with real humans that can understand you is cooler.

You’ll be greeted by a real person when you message Electric and we'll ensure your ticket is resolved in a timely, human manner.

Triage process.

Initial Contact
Data Collection
Technician Routing

(If necessary)

Resolution Execution

(Remote troubleshooting)

Best practices to keep things smooth.

We aim to solve tickets with the least amount of effort from you as possible. You can help us accomplish that by remembering these best practices when submitting an IT request.

You’ll never say too much.

More information from you means fewer follow-up questions from us. Be sure to tell us as much as you can in your original message to Electric.

If you have a hardware related issue, be sure to have the hardware item and information handy.

It’s (all) in the details.

Specifics like a serial number, screenshots, the name of the tool you’re having issues with, or a detailed description of your issue go a long way.

If you're contacting us about a previous issue communicated via the Electric App, be sure to have the previous ticket ID available.

Mi Approver is su Approver.

Depending on the Approval requirements set by your employer, select tasks may require approval by a designated Approver at your company before Electric can complete your request. In these cases, we will reach out to the designated Approver to notify them of your request and ask for approval before proceeding.

Some examples of the types of requests that may require approval are new purchases, changing permissions to a drive you do not own, adding a new SaaS account, and more.

We use “MDM” software to provide remote help.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is an IT industry term referring to the administration of devices such as computers, laptops, tablets, etc.

As your remote IT support help, Electric uses MDM software to remotely manage your devices, resolve device-level issues, keep your data secure, and push updates to keep your hardware in tip-top shape.

Learn more about MDM >

Response time ≠ Resolution time.

While we try to resolve tickets as fast as possible, please be advised resolution times will vary on the complexity of the issue.

Your feedback is invaluable.

You'll be asked to rate your experience after your ticket has been closed. We take your opinion seriously and carefully examine the feedback submitted. Please help us exceed your expectations by providing a satisfaction score with detailed feedback at the end of your session.

Faster resolution times.

Faster Data Collection in the Triage Process.

Slower Data Collection in the Triage Process.