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Announcing IT Scorecard, Turbine’s Newest Feature

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Announcing IT Scorecard, Turbine’s Newest Feature

Read Time: 3 minutes Published: March 31, 2020

Electric, the world’s first real-time IT support and security solution, is excited to announce a new feature to the Electric Platform, also known as Turbine. The new feature is called IT Scorecard and will provide our users with better visibility into the health of their devices and applications.

The Electric Platform is Electric’s proprietary product that provides a single pane of glass visibility into the management control of your organization’s IT environment.

The Value for Our Customers

Instead of having to deduce their own understanding of what is happening in their IT environment, customers will receive easily digestible information that empowers even non-technical users to make more well-informed, proactive decisions regarding IT management.

Further, it will provide guidance on the gaps that currently exist in their IT environment as they relate to security, compliance, application/business system use, and access.

Types of Data Visible in IT Scorecard

Users within the Electric Platform will be able to see:

Device Level Security Compliance Percentage

For example, it would show the number of devices with and without FileVault enabled in your organization in order to ensure compliance with best practices for endpoint security.

Device Health

The new feature will provide insight into: disk space, device RAM, and if an operating system (OS) upgrade is required. It will also show how many users within your organization have completed any necessary OS upgrades.

Application Level

At the application level, users can see the number of application licenses used and those still available for your organization. Additionally, users will be able to see how many users have password encryption enabled and which cloud storage applications you have enabled.

Recommendations to Bolster Your IT Environment

In addition to the data above, IT Scorecard offers recommendations for areas to address that will bolster your organization’s IT environment. These recommendations will keep business systems and devices up-to-date and also ensure that users are getting the most out of their software licenses.

Below are some examples of recommendations:

  • Compliance: Enable/push BitLocker to out of compliance devices. This requires a reboot
  • License Management: Audit, suspend, and then archive or delete inactive G-suite users
  • App Security: Enable and enforce 2FA (2-Factor Authentication) for all users

When Will this Release Be Live?

This new feature will begin going live for current customers on April 6, 2020. For new Electric customers, this functionality will become available 30 days after your “go-live-date”. This provides Electric with enough time to assess their IT environment and provide personalized recommendations.

What to look for later in 2020?

Later on this year, we are excited to provide the ability to see updates to your IT Scorecard in real-time. Additionally, we are looking forward to rolling out a feature that would allow users to filter for and view historical data inside your scorecard to see changes over time.

If you haven’t started using Electric yet and would like to learn more, we’d love to show you what The Electric Platform can do for your team!

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