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How To Complete A Network Build Out At A New Office

By Electric Helpdesk on Feb 21, 2019 4:36:49 PM

Are you moving into a new office? Maybe you have a business that’s finally found the perfect office to call home. Or maybe your company has grown too big for your current space, and it’s time to relocate. Whatever the reason, one of the biggest items on your new office's IT checklist is to set up the office network, one that will set your company up for success. So where should you start?

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How To Handle Software Implementation At Your SMB

By Electric Helpdesk on Feb 21, 2019 12:16:45 PM

Finding a new software or system that is going to help your business achieve bigger and better goals is an exciting endeavor. But diving headfirst without a software implementation plan can often cause businesses to take a few steps back rather than move forward. Follow these steps to successfully prepare your business for the implementation of a new system.

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How To Handle Data Migration To (And From) Office 365

By Electric Helpdesk on Feb 19, 2019 9:49:55 AM

There are plenty of reasons why small to midsize companies are choosing Office 365 to support the foundations of their business. Office 365 comes with the familiar Office productivity applications which have been perfected over the last 35 years and can be used both on and offline through PC, phone, and browser. With a variety of plans for businesses, companies have the flexibility of tailoring their Office 365 experience to their needs, and all plans come with enterprise-grade privacy and security to protect company data.

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How to Handle a Network Upgrade For Your Office

By Electric Helpdesk on Feb 19, 2019 8:52:01 AM

Your office’s network infrastructure is made up of many different hardware and software components that are used to support your company’s intranet and internet. This includes modems, routers, cables, network outlets, switches, servers, firewalls, and more.

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The Most Common Systems Admin Tasks Your Company Will Face When Using G Suite

By Electric Helpdesk on Feb 5, 2019 4:45:30 PM

For many businesses, G Suite provides a lot of basic needs in a familiar and intuitive way. This cloud-based package of productivity apps is budget-friendly for small to mid-size businesses, and many people are already using Google apps in their personal lives already. So, signing up for G Suite is a no brainer, and now that you have, what’s next?

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What To Do When You Can't Connect To The Office's Server

By Electric Helpdesk on Feb 5, 2019 3:19:18 PM

Whether your business has a physical server or one on the cloud, it’s nerve wracking when you can’t access the files and folders that you need to do your job. Unfortunately, there are so many types and brands of servers; each one is built and set up a little differently, as well as having different features based on your business needs.

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Top 5 Reasons Why The Internet Is Running Slow At Your Office

By Electric Helpdesk on Feb 5, 2019 3:00:26 PM

Now that it’s 2019, we continue to be spoiled with fast network speeds no matter where we are or where we go. You can hail an Uber ride while brushing your teeth, heart a dozen Instagram posts as you walk out the door, and swipe potential dates left and right while ordering your morning coffee. So when the internet lags and our favorite Youtube video takes a few seconds longer to load, it’s noticeable. But when businesses are experiencing slower internet, not only is slow internet noticeable, it's detrimental.

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What To Do When Your Company-Issued Device is Running Slow | Electric

By Electric Helpdesk on Feb 4, 2019 4:14:38 PM

It feels fantastic when your company issues a device to use for work, especially when it’s the latest and greatest technology. But when your company-issued device is laggy, slow, and killing your workflow, it might feel like your job is trying to sabotage you. Here are some reasons why your company-issued device may be acting up.

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How To Troubleshoot Your VPN When You Are Unable To Connect

By Electric Helpdesk on Jan 22, 2019 10:07:13 AM

If you are someone who uses the Internet (i.e. if you are a living, breathing human being in 2019), understanding how Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, work can be really helpful. VPNs can help bypass geo-restricted websites so you can use Facebook in another country. They can also help speed up loading times on popular websites during peak hours. You might even find them to be helpful when trying to send or receive payments when there’s only unsecure networks available. But if you already have access to a private network or if you’re just scrolling through the pages of Reddit, constantly connecting to a VPN isn’t really necessary and can even end up being more of a hassle.

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Why Your SMB Should Move Toward Storing Documents in the Cloud

By Electric Helpdesk on Jan 16, 2019 10:26:31 AM

Just as Electric AI is the simplest and most affordable IT solution for your business, cloud document storage is the easy and affordable option for small to mid-size businesses when it comes to managing their files and resources. There are a variety of cloud storage solutions out there—many offer automatic sync, file versioning, and file encryption. A few others may offer extra features, including additional productivity apps, backup storage, and reliable customer service.

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