Unleashing Productivity and Security: Electric’s Revolutionary Hardware Procurement and Device Management

Unleashing Productivity and Security: Electric’s Revolutionary Hardware Procurement and Device Management

Read Time: 3 minutes Published: March 12, 2024

In the bustling heart of our digital age, the demands on small to mid-sized businesses to maintain an efficient, secure, and productive work environment are more pressing than ever. Amidst these rising challenges, our team at Electric is excited to introduce a suite of groundbreaking features designed to transform how your business manages its most crucial assets: laptops and desktops for individual productivity. Drawing from my own three decades of experience in software engineering and IT, I’m thrilled to guide you through the nuances of these innovations, sharing how we’ve poised to revolutionize your operational landscape.

The Convenience of Electric’s Hardware Store

Imagine a scenario where equipping your team with the right tools is as simple as a few clicks. Our hardware store is this vision brought to life. With an intuitive platform, businesses can now effortlessly purchase laptops, monitors, and other peripherals tailored to each employee’s needs. But it’s not just about selection and purchase; Electric handles the entire lifecycle of these devices. From shipping and zero-touch provisioning to the recovery of devices from terminated employees, we’ve streamlined the process to unprecedented simplicity. The latter is as easy as printing a QR code and dropping the device off at UPS, removing a significant logistical headache from your team’s plate.

Empowering Device Management

The heart of our innovation lies in robust device management. In my early days as a tech enthusiast, I marveled at the potential of technology to enhance workplace productivity. Yet, one challenge persistently stood out: ensuring that devices remain secure, compliant, and fully functional. Electric’s device management feature addresses this head-on, enabling businesses to monitor devices for compliance with essential security measures like disk encryption, firewall settings, the latest OS installations, and lock screen activation, alongside health indicators such as battery, disk drive, and RAM status.

For many small businesses, aligning with the compliance requirements outlined in employee handbooks has been a leap of faith, with no real way to verify adherence. Electric changes the game here. Enforcement of these critical policies is now proactive, with automated emails nudging employees to resolve any compliance issues, thereby enhancing security without adding to your team’s workload.

Elevating to Pro: Comprehensive Mobile Device Management

For businesses ready to take their device management to the next level, upgrading to our Pro plan unlocks the power of comprehensive mobile device management (MDM). This isn’t just about enforcing device policies; it’s about ensuring that every device, whether it’s a laptop, desktop, or mobile, meets your company’s security and productivity standards. By extending our management capabilities to mobile devices, Electric ensures a seamless, secure, and efficient work environment across all your technological assets.

The Electric Advantage

In crafting these features, our goal at Electric was clear: to demystify the complexities of IT management, making cutting-edge technology accessible and manageable for small and medium businesses. It’s about more than just providing tools; it’s about offering solutions that address the real-world challenges companies face daily. Through Electric’s hardware procurement and device management suite, we’re not just selling a product; we’re partnering with businesses to foster a culture of security, efficiency, and innovation.

We invite your feedback and stories as we continue to evolve and expand our offerings. How has Electric transformed your approach to device management? What challenges can we help you overcome next? Your insights are invaluable as we strive to build a community of forward-thinking businesses united by a shared vision of leveraging technology for a brighter, more productive future.

Together, let’s redefine the boundaries of what’s possible in workplace technology management. Welcome to the Electric era.

Greg Pellegrino

Greg Pellegrino is the VP of Engineering at Electric with over ten years of experience in product development lifecycle and delivering high-quality software solutions.

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