Electric Celebrates International Women’s Day

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Electric Celebrates International Women’s Day

Read Time: 2 minutes Published: March 8, 2021

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we asked some of our female-identifying employees: “What is the one word that you would use to describe yourself?”

Here’s what they said:

  • Becky, Team Lead, Implementation – Reliable

  • Gabby, Lead Generation Associate – Innovative

  • Ariella, Product Manager – Persistent

  • Mush, Level I Service Desk Technician – Empowered

  • Dani, Senior Creative Manager – Creative

  • Brittany, IT Project Manager – Empathetic

  • Janet, People Operations Manager – Cozy

  • Hannah, Senior Product Marketing Manager – Tenacious

  • Julia, Executive Assistant – Resilient

  • Colleen, Senior Director, Service Desk – Strong

  • Rita, Quality Assurance, Team Lead – Passionate

  • Carly, Senior Account Executive – Determined

  • Phoebe, Inbound Sales Development Representative – Appreciative

  • Kaylin, IT Project Manager – Badass

  • Sabrina, Junior Designer – Imaginative

We are grateful for all the ways above (and more!) that our female-identifying employees continue to lead, empower, enrich, and uplift both within our own organization and beyond.

Join us as Women’s History Month continues for DiversITy: Shattering the SaaS Ceiling.

On this stop of the IT Pro Tour Virtual Event series, female-identifying leaders from Electric, Black Girls Hack, HelloFresh, Divvy, Laika, and Benchling are coming together to break the “IT Guy” narrative.

In this ‘Ask Me Anything’ session brought to you by Electric & Black Girls Hack, we’ll shed light on:

  • Why female-identifying folks are underrepresented in IT & tech more broadly

  • Necessary and effective strategies your organization should implement to boost gender diversity

  • How to combat gender bias in the workplace

  • And more!

At Electric, creating a diverse and inclusive workplace is a top priority. Electric encourages employees to bring their truest self to work. This is a place where all are welcome and all are valued. With partnerships like The Last Mile and Valence, and our ever-evolving employee resource groups (ERGs), diversity isn’t something we just talk about—it’s woven into who we are. Electric’s current ERGs include the Black Bolts, Women, and Pride.

Electric is a place where employees are truly valued. A few of our core values include: caring above all else; without change, there is no innovation; and chasing excellence. Our foundation is built on a culture of helping each other out and genuinely caring about one another and the work we do. We believe that constant change means progress. Growth, learning, and improvement are at the forefront of our community. We push ourselves and each other to make incredible things happen.

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