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Electric Customers Save 114 Working Days on IT in 2022

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Electric Customers Save 114 Working Days on IT in 2022

Read Time: 5 minutes Published: January 24, 2023

Did you know Electric customers saved an average of 912 hours (or 114 working days) on IT in 2022?

Welcome to Electric Zapped: a new, personalized report that makes IT even more transparent for small businesses.

Now available to all Electric customers, Zapped provides a snapshot of time saved on IT requests in Turbine’s Reporting Hub. Zapped also aggregates data from across Electric’s customer base, revealing:

  • 224,976 IT tickets resolved by Electric in 2022 = 912 hours saved per customer
  • 35,000 onboarding and offboarding requests handled = 273 hours saved per customer
  • 28,000+ application requests managed = 420 minutes saved per customer
  • 55,000 devices encrypted (including 23,000 Datto deployments and 13,000 Malwarebytes deployments)

Real-time Insights. Actionable Data.

Electric customers can now access their personalized Zapped report within the Electric platform. This report is updated in real-time to give you up-to-the-minute insights on requests related to onboarding and offboarding, device management, strategic IT projects, cybersecurity, and more. Electric customers will also receive a quarterly email summarizing their insights, beginning this month.

Alongside individual insights in the Reporting Hub, you’ll also find a full summary of data from Electric’s customer base. This summary is designed to help executives and decision makers understand where their business excels, and where there is potential for improvement. With clear visibility of how IT issues impact productivity, it’s easier to find solutions right away.

As our CEO Ryan Denehy said on the launch of Electric Zapped:

“Across industries, we’re seeing the rise of data-centered decision-making, particularly in response to the state of the economy, so we want to make sure we’re providing our customers with not just the best service but the best reporting as well.”

How Much Time Could Your Business Save on IT?

If you’re already an Electric customer, head over to the Reporting Hub in Turbine to find your real-time IT insights, or check your inbox for this month’s email!

Not yet an Electric customer? We’re reinventing how businesses manage IT with real-time support and centralized IT management. Get in touch to learn how much time your business could save.

Hannah Sackett

Hannah Connolly Sackett is the Director of Product Marketing at Electric, overseeing both the Product and Customer Marketing functions. She has 9 years experience working in B2B SaaS, the last 4 of which has been spent leading GTM strategy and growing Electric from a Series B to D+ business.

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