Introducing Electric’s IT Cost Calculator

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Introducing Electric’s IT Cost Calculator

Read Time: 3 minutes Published: July 21, 2020

Economic uncertainty driven by the recent COVID-19 pandemic has left many organizations scrambling to adjust their spending. With the International Monetary Fund (IMF) projecting a 6.1% drop in worldwide economic growth, it’s important for businesses to adjust spending in order to adapt to the circumstances.

That’s where our new free tool, the IT Cost Calculator comes in. This tool allows you to have insight into an estimation of the hours spent on IT-related tasks required to support your organization. From this estimation, we can then actually estimate the total corresponding costs related to IT-related tasks.

All we need to from you to conduct the estimation is:

  1. How many employees do you have?
  2. How many SaaS applications do you have?

The reasoning behind needing the two above numbers is that they allow us to first conduct the Estimation of Hours Spent on IT-Related Tasks.

Calculating Estimation of Hours Spent on IT-Related Tasks

Based on our own experience providing lighting-fast IT support for a variety of organizations, we were able to take a look at how long it actually takes our own support agents to carry out those tasks on average and then apply it to each of the tasks below.

The IT-related tasks involved for this calculation are:

IT support & sysAdmin requests

  • # of employees x .5 hours

Installing & managing updates for applications

  • # of SaaS applications x .25 hours

Provisioning & deprovisioning devices

  • # of employees x .25 hours

On/offboarding activities

  • # of employees x .25 hours

Managing & tracking security across devices

  • # of employees x .5 hours

Once we have the total estimated hours, we’re able to use that figure to determine the Estimation of Cost Related to IT-Related Tasks.

Calculating Estimation of Cost Related to IT-Related Tasks

We take the estimated total hours from above and multiply it by the hourly cost of IT support, which we’ve determined as $96.15. We got to this number, by estimating that an organization pays their IT manager(s) or related team members to carry out the tasks from above approximately $200,000 a year in compensation.

The final step is then adding in the cost to implement and maintain Mobile Device Management (MDM) across your organization. Why is this essential?

MDM software helps manage all the applications on devices within your organization. It can be used to install, update, and remove/restrict any application on a device remotely. With remote workers, this is extremely important as it will allow us to seamlessly support your team wherever they are—whether in the office or not.

To determine the cost of MDM, we take a static $6,600 setup fee and then add that to the annual fee which comes out to approximately $7.17 per user.

Once we have the above, our calculator provides the estimated total annual cost of your IT environment.

Compare IT Costs with Electric & Start Saving

The final step in our IT Cost Calculator is to then show what it would cost to comparatively support your organization with Electric. Our average cost is $79/month per employee.

Our intention is to bring transparency into what it takes to power the modern business from an IT perspective. Of course, all organizations are unique and have their own requirements, but this tool should serve as a baseline to begin evaluating your IT spend.

Get started today and check out Electric’s IT Cost Calculator.

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