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Introducing Proton: The Cloud Vulnerability Scanner by Electric

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Introducing Proton: The Cloud Vulnerability Scanner by Electric

Read Time: 2 minutes Published: August 18, 2020

Electric, the world’s first real-time IT support and security solution, is excited to announce a new free tool, the Cloud Vulnerability Scanner, also known as Proton. Proton will provide G Suite admins with better visibility into potentially vulnerable files in your organization’s Google Drive.

According to IBM’s 2019 Cost of a Data Breach Report, insider threats — both intentional and unintentional — account for 60% of all cyberattacks, and can result in $8.2 million in losses for US companies. Keeping that in mind, we’ve developed this scanner to help Google Drive administrators discover the vulnerabilities within their organization’s Drive.

Using the scanner is simple and secure — start by entering your information and clicking ‘Scan Now’; from there, you’ll be prompted to add your Google Account and grant Proton permission to start the scan. You’ll receive your results within seconds, and have the ability to download your results!

The scanner takes a look at the Total Number of Files Added to Google Drive and the Total Number of Files Shared Externally to identify the potentially vulnerable files in your organization’s Google Drive. There are three types of exposures:

  1. Anyone with link shares: This number represents anyone who has been shared the link
  2. Outside shares: This number represents the number of outside domains links have been shared with
  3. Public shares: These files are public on the web

While public sharing is useful for publishing content widely, it is important to consider that it might not be appropriate for sensitive information. Public documents can even show up in Google searches if they are set to “Public on the web.”

Have further questions about your Google Drive or other cloud drive security? Electric has you covered:

  • Software and provisioning permissions
  • Cloud drive organization and policy configuration
  • Visibility and management inside the Electric Platform

Figuring out all your bases to cover is not an easy process to navigate, especially in times like these— and that’s why Electric is here to support your organization.

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