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Employee Onboarding is a Pain, Turbine Makes it Faster and Easier.

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Employee Onboarding is a Pain, Turbine Makes it Faster and Easier.

Read Time: 3 minutes Published: September 20, 2018

In the age where you can do most things with the tap of a few buttons on your phone or computer, it’s surprising that so much manual effort goes into ensuring that new hires have what they need to be productive starting on day one.

Setting up new hires typically involves purchasing a computer, creating email addresses, adding to email groups, setting up accounts for various applications, installing the apps, inviting the user to Slack channels, providing the proper access to files, and ensuring their computer has the latest security patches and organizational policies. I’m getting frustrated just typing this! Most of the time these tasks are done manually and take 1–2 hours to do correctly. Even if you use a tool like Okta, the majority of the workload has to be done manually and, according to our research, when setup is done manually, 50–70% of the time steps are missed or mistakes are made.

Electric‘s new product Turbine takes the largest pain points of employee onboarding and offboarding, computer setup and policy management and uses automated workflows to streamline the entire process.

Centralized Management

Does each department have it’s own list of requirements for a new hire? Not a problem. Turbine gives you the flexibility to go beyond company level preferences for new hires by giving you departmental policy creation. No more tracking down department heads to find out what that new hire needs on day one.

Automated Onboarding

It’s so easy to kick off a new hire onboarding using Turbine. Simply enter the employee’s name, select the department and hardware, and you’re off! Electric takes over and completes the tasks defined in your preferences in time for your new hire’s start date. You can even change settings for specific employees if needed.

Be in the Know

Keep track of all current onboarding requests and statuses from email configuration through to computer delivery and feel confident knowing your new hire will be ready on their first day. You can even go back and review past onboardings in case you forgot who was given access to what.

Secure Offboarding…Fast

Did a high profile employee just leave the organization? Not a problem, with a few pieces of information, Electric will ensure the appropriate accounts are deactivated, access is revoked, and their computer is remotely wiped for use by a future employee. You can even follow along and view the status of current offboarding requests.

Even Brighter Days Ahead

The release of Turbine is a large step forward in the journey to provide automated IT solutions for the modern office. Turbine will play a larger role in the future of Electric as we move it from a tool for employee onboarding and offboarding into a platform for monitoring, securing and managing your organization’s holistic IT environment.

Keep an eye out for more updates to Turbine in the coming weeks and, as always, if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to email 🎉

If you haven’t started using Electric yet and would like to learn more, we’d love to show you what Turbine and the rest of the Electric product offering can do for your team!

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