Why JOOR Chose Electric to Power Their IT

JOOR trusts Electric to handle the day-to-day of IT so their IT team can focus on strategic growth.

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Why JOOR Chose Electric to Power Their IT

JOOR trusts Electric to handle the day-to-day of IT so their IT team can focus on strategic growth.

Client Overview

Client Since: 2017
Industry: Internet
Offices Supported: NY
IT Situation Prior to Electric: In-house IT Team
Employees Supported: 170
Devices Supported: 175

JOOR, the global industry-standard digital wholesale platform, servicing 8,600 brands and 200,000 retailers across 144 countries, has been rapidly growing since 2017. As a technology company at the forefront of digital innovation, having a best-in-class IT organization as a partner is critical to JOOR’s success. However, as their company scaled, JOOR’s IT team found it challenging to manage the day-to-day volume of requests including IT support, on/offboarding processes, & device inventory. The root cause of this struggle? A lack of visibility into their IT infrastructure including request volume & types, applications utilized by the business, & the number of devices + details of those devices.

When Derek Parham, JOOR’s CTO, joined the business, he was determined to improve the way in which JOOR approached IT, particularly through the standardization of IT processes & bringing on a provider who would be able to handle day-to-day tasks, freeing up his team to focus on more strategic growth projects for the business. For him, Electric was the ideal solution: “Electric’s greatest value is that it reduces stress for me. I’m confident that Electric is working because I am no longer bothered with IT support or approval requests. However, I always have visibility into the work they are doing for our business, when I need it. I consider Electric an extension of our team.”

Since going live with Electric is 2017, Electric has taken on all of the day-to-day troubleshooting, SysAdmin, & on/offboarding requests saving Derek & his team upwards of 5 hours of work a week. As well, through our Electric Platform, Derek and his team now have full visibility into their devices including their owners & health status, allowing them to make more informed decisions around security policy rollouts & future hardware investments. In 2020, as their team transitioned entirely remote due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Derek described the transition as “graceful & seamless”. This was due, in the most part, to having MDM software managed through Electric, allowing them to provide support for and manage devices wherever their remote employees are.

Technology Supported

Electric supports JOOR’s tech stack and devices.


Derek Parham



My dream is to not be bothered with day-to-day support and approval requests so that I can focus my team's time on strategic growth projects for the business. Electric has been able to make this dream a reality for me.

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