Why TrustRadius Chose Electric to Power Their IT

TrustRadius leans on Electric to take the hands-on IT management off their plate

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Why TrustRadius Chose Electric to Power Their IT

TrustRadius leans on Electric to take the hands-on IT management off their plate

Client Overview

Client Since: 2021
Industry: Tech
Locations: TX
IT Situation Prior to Electric: De Facto
Employees Supported: 90
Devices Supported: 83

As the Senior Director of People at software review platform,TrustRadius, Jamy Conrad is responsible for ensuring her team is set up for success as they scale. One area that prevented her from achieving this goal was IT. Being managed communally by an engineer, their CTO and their office manager, IT was already eating up too much of their time, and leading to  negative experiences for new and existing employees.

At the time, IT requests were being submitted in a communal slack channel, with requests taking upwards of 10 hours of work a week to manage. “But even before reaching out, our employees would spend hours googling what to do next” leading to hours of productivity loss. And when handling onboarding and offboarding requests, their approach was equally unsustainable, with their office manager running to Best Buy to buy a laptop and setting it up, then passing it to an engineer to provision apps for new users. “Even after all their work, we’d have minimal data and information ready to help the new hire navigate the setup once it got into their hands.”

With plans to grow their team by 60% on top of the 25% growth they’d already seen in the previous six months, Jamy knew that closing these IT gaps were crucial to ensuring success as the org scaled. “The sheer amount of time associated with IT became overwhelming for three people to try and manage, especially since there was no true ownership.”  Additionally, a recent SOC compliance audit revealed several opportunities for improvements in their approach to IT. These included their device inventory being managed via a spreadsheet and their IT management team having limited visibility into compliance to security standards across their devices, networks, and applications. “While we still passed our SOC audit, it opened our eyes to the gaps that could prevent us from successfully scaling our organization.”

While TrustRadius had outsourced IT in the past, they’d never been happy with the level of support they received. This time around, they evaluated 5 vendors before choosing Electric. “Though some of our potential vendors were local, it sounded like we were still going to have to do a lot of the manual work which is what we were trying to eliminate. Electric took that work off our plate, and supported both Macs and PCs, unlike the other remote competitors we looked at.”  On top of looking at outsourced support, TrustRadius also evaluated an internal hire, before determining that Electric was the best choice for them. “We were looking at paying somebody $70-80,000 a year, and that still wouldn’t have plugged all our gaps. Electric came in tens of thousands under that, without sacrificing quality.

Upon switching to Electric, the TrustRadius team worked with their dedicated Electric Implementation Specialist to simplify and streamline key processes, particularly around device management. “Prior to Electric, we didn’t have a single point of visibility into any aspect of our IT environment.”  Going through the onboarding process with Electric allowed them to gather this information into a single pane of glass view. “We love our dashboard with Electric so far, and our controller is much happier with the reports and what we’ve been able to provide from an inventory management standpoint.“

In addition to a dedicated Implementation Specialist and team of 100+ IT specialists who were a slack message away if they needed assistance, Jamy was able to lean on her dedicated Customer Success Manager for support. This relationship proved particularly valuable when their CTO stepped down. “Our CSM Lindsay has been phenomenal.  She’s there to listen, is very responsive and speaks the non-technical speak, which is great for us.

With Electric, TrustRadius has handled IT needs more effectively and efficiently, like remote support and on and offboarding, without sacrificing time or quality. “Electric didn’t just sell us a bill of goods, they’ve actually been able to support what they’re saying. Their service has been quick, with a phenomenal SLA.”  They’ve also found a partner that understands their business. “Electric is a great partner for a tech company. With the societal shift around work and flexibility, it’s even more important to have an outsourced IT partner that understands your business and can support it.”

Technology Supported

Electric supports TrustRadius’s tech stack and devices.

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Jamy Conrad

Senior Director of People


Prior to Electric, we evaluated 5 different vendors and an internal hire. Electric allowed us to hand off the manual work we were looking to eliminate, understood our business, and came in tens of thousands under the cost of an internal hire. And they didn't just sell us a bill of goods, they’ve actually been able to support what they're saying.

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