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When it comes to your devices, we want to help protect your investment.

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Put Our MDM Expertise To Work

Electric has partnered with best-in-market Mobile Device Management (MDM) software, Jamf for Macs & Kaseya for PCs, to automate processes that keep your devices healthy, secure, and up-to-date.

Let Electric’s MDM software handle:

  • Tracking of your device inventory & health
  • Proactive roll out of patches, upgrades, and policies
  • Automation of your device provisioning and de-provisioning
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Centrally manage your device inventory

Stay in the know about your device environment. Inside the Electric Platform (aka Turbine), you’ll have a full inventory of all of your devices including the model, serial number, and OS version of each. As well, we’ll provide you visibility into device health details such as battery capacity, application usage, processor speed, RAM, and policy compliance.

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Manage device-wide rollouts

Device standardization is crucial to keep business running efficiently and compliant with the latest security requirements (especially as they scale!). Instead of going at it alone, let Electric do the heavy lifting. Our team will manage the distribution of patches, upgrades, and policies across your device environment. We’ll even suggest proactive device actions to help mitigate any future device or compliance issues.

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Automate provisioning & de-provisioning

Managing the transition of devices or provisioning of new devices can be a full-time job for your business. With MDM software, Electric is able to automate these processes. We can remotely wipe or set up devices in a matter of minutes based on pre-established provisioning settings for your teams, including your device settings preferences, software requirements, and application access permissions.

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Leverage our Partnerships

We’ve partnered with in best-in-market mobile device management software so that you can reap the benefits.

Typically this software would cost your organization an average of $16,000+ upfront, 100+ hours of training for your admins, and the headache of managing your licenses, applications, operating systems, and tools across devices. Electric absorbs this cost and leverages the expertise of its 100+ person team to manage your device needs on your behalf.


Our partner for the automated device management of Macs is trusted by more than 57,000 customers and supports the managing of 25 Million devices globally.

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Our partner for the automated device management of PCs holds a presence in over 20 countries and supports 40,000 global customers.

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