Electric Empowers HR/People Teams

You were hired to manage people, not IT. Let Electric do the operational grunt work so you can focus on what you do best.

More Time On People. Less Time on Operations.

We want your team to shine doing what it does best, supporting your employees, and growing your team. Ensuring employees are set up for success on day one with the device and business tool access they need, shouldn't mean you are buried in hours (or even days!) operational IT work. That's were Electric comes in. We'll handle everything from device procurement through credential management.

William Heath

COO, Newhouse

Since we established our partnership with Electric, bringing on new employees or transitioning out existing employees has become a very seamless process. They handle absolutely everything including device procurement and provisioning, managing access to our servers, providing SysAdmin support for our cloud applications and mail.

On/offboarding Simplified

No more wasted time. Submit your on and offboarding requests within a matter of minutes, directly in the Electric Platform (aka "Turbine"). Our request forms are standardized to ensure consistency across your requests, but the settings selections are customized to your organization's unique business needs. Once your request is submitted, you can sit back and Electric will handle the rest.

The includes:

Procurement & Provisioning Handled

Not only will Electric ensure that each new employee has access to the business systems they need. We'll also set them up with a device, delivered directly to them, wherever they are. Have a team member transitioning out? No problem. We can assist in the collection and wiping of the device so that it's ready for the next team member. Our full- service provisioning and procurement service is managed by our dedicated Hardware Lab Team through our partnerships with Apple Business & CDW.

This includes:

  • Placing device orders on your behalf, including for accessories
  • Provisioning or de-provisioning of devices per your organization's specifications
  • Shipping of devices to local & remote employees
  • Managing device requests that come in from your team

Centralized Tracking & Management

Need to see all of the onboarding details from last quarter? Want to check on the status of an offboarding you recently submitted? Based on their permission level, your admins will have access to edit, manage, and view on/offboarding details and your company configuration details.

This includes:

  • The status of open on/offboarding requests
  • A full audit trail of on/offboarding requests made by your admins
  • Department-level details around access to email aliases, files, and applications